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Halotherapy + Chinese Herbal Therapy - The Perfect Combination

Join us on our immun-a-tea tour!

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Tea Party Time!

Our Chief Herbaceutical Engineer will throw you and your clients a Tea Party as well as a presentaion on the benefits of Halotherapy from an Eastern Physician's perspective.

About the Tour

We would love to visit your Salt Room on our Halotherapy & Immun-A-TEA Tour, developed to help the public understand the perfect combination of Halotherapy and Chinese Herbal Therapy. 

The video below, presented by our Founder & Chief Herbaceutical Engineer, will describe how Halotherapy works in the body when combined with Si Jin Bao herbaceuticals such as Breathe Again, Croopy Cough, and Immun-A-TEA.

Using these basic preventative measures and principles will help your clients and their families stay happy and healthy.  Also learn how to enhance the Halotherapy experience to maximize visits for long term results, especially for those suffering from chronic conditions.

Feel free to share this video with your clients and on social media to spread the word about Halotherapy’s amazing benefits!

reward your clients with a Bottle of immun-a-tea!

Your first 10 clients to sign up for the Tea Party will all receive a FREE bottle of Immun-A-TEA!

Immunatea Bottle

Customers reviews

What people have to say about us!

"Great seminar today! Thank you for all the information!"

Susi E.
Commenting on the Immun-A-TEA TOUR

"It was so great to meet you. Looking forward to learning more. Thank you!"

Candice U.
Commenting on the Immun-A-TEA TOUR

"Breathe Again - is a must in our medicine cabinet at home and at work. We have had consistent success with this product for over 15 years in our pediatric practice. It helps in asthma, allergies, colds, pink eye, coughs, bronchiolitis- ear infections, and many other respiratory conditions. It also helps in some viral rashes. Thank you for making a product that is safe during pregnancy, for newborns, and all ages including geriatrics. We cannot do without it. There is NOTHING over the counter that comes close to its health benefits. It doesn’t just treat symptoms. It instructs the body to HEAL."

Cornelia Franz, M.D.
Family Practice

"We have used Si Jin Bao in our home for over a decade. The efficacy of these herbs always amaze me, even after all this time. It is a wonderful compliment to your Chiropractic care and lifestyle. "

Dr. Travis Wells
Wells Clinic of Chiropractic

"Great seminar today! Thank you for all the information!"

Susi E.
Commenting on the Immun-A-TEA TOUR

"We love Croopy Cough and Breathe Again teas. They prevent problems, treat respiratory infections, help recover from significant viruses like RSV, help asthmatics become less inhaler dependent, and are SO helpful with allergies, especially in the spring (Because we see SO MANY). The convenience of the drops as well as the effectiveness are really unsurpassed. Thank you so much"

Cornelia Franz, M.D.
Family Practice Medicine

"I've had excellent results with all the products I've purchased. My families are thrilled to have an alternative to traditional practice. Thank you!"

Margaret Witzleb, ARNP
Brevard Health Care

"I just finished my coffee with Immun-A-TEA in it. I have not felt this alive in so long. I feel like crying I feel so much better"

on Immun-A-TEA

"Immun-A-TEA is my new favorite Si Jin Bao product! Within the first 30 seconds of taking it I felt lightness in my body and my lungs breathing deeper. Just the boost I needed!"

on Immun-A-TEA

"Just a couple of times taking this product really opens up the airways and relieves any allergy symptoms that can lead to coughing."

A. Falcon
on Breathe Again

"I love breathe again!!! Keeping my air passages clear and happy even in the worst of this insane pollen count!"

Michelle C.

"Love It! There's definitely Magic in the formulas. Bravo!!"

J. Harris

"Just cannot stop bragging about how great this is. We have used it in our home for years and you will never find us without it."

Trecia Wells
Wells Clinic of Chiropractic

"Breathe Again is very effective and it works! No side effects and does the job better than Flonase . I would recommend this product to everyone of all ages!!! Thank You Si Jin Bao!!!"


"I have been using Croopy cough for a couple of years and every time my son get sick, it works fast! It clears his sinuses, lungs and even works when he has a sore throat! I definitely recommend it!"


"Love this product. Really helps to get rid of colds and cough symptoms right away."

on Croopy Cough

"This stuff is so great for my little toddler daughter. It really helps keep her daycare runny nose at bay."

on Breathe Again

"When parents ask "what should I have at home as first aid" Revive, Schmoove...Breathe again...Croopy Cough, and Upset Tummy. THESE are a must in your home care kit. We have not had to use any over the counter therapies in YEARS because these products work so well to heal the problem- they do not just treat the symptom. Thank you"

Cornelia Franz, M.D.
Family Practice

"I have saved so much money on flu shots and cold remedies just by reaching for this first. I've given it to friends as gifts too, and they like it so much, I've started ordering for myself and them. Better health is just a teaspoon away! "

M. Trottier
on Breathe Again

"We use all the products but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Breath Again. Using this at the changing of the seasons makes a huge difference, it keeps the whole family healthy."

Cindi S.

"Had this tea while I was pregnant in Panama and my cold was gone the next day. Amazing stuff!"

Nicole M.
on Breathe Again

"These products really help! We use them and have since my middle son was a baby when he took it through a sippy cup with diluted juice. 😁"


"Knocks out sickness quickly! Allergies are nothing like they were before we started open air! I've got my mom, cousins and aunt on these products as well!"

on Breathe Again and Croopy Cough

"The Breathe Again formula is our go-to sickness remedy. It gets us back up and running in no time."

Mary C.

"I've used Si Jin Bao for myself and my kids for as long as I can remember. The oldest is 21, then 15, then 9 year old twins and these are the ONLY therapies we keep in our home continuously. I used it for our oldest when he was younger and now our younger children are now familiar with what decoction is to be used with a particular symptom. As a conscious mother, wellness, balance, and healthy healing is a priority to me. Thank you for being that."


"I gave this to my 2 year old, who had congestion and a fever. The following day her airways were clear and her fever was gone. Thank you Si Jin Bao."

Erika O.

"We have used both Air and Open Air teas. The girls both drink the teas without any fuss and once they do, their symptoms do not progress any further and they soon recover. They keep forever too!"


"I have trusted Si Jin Bao Air Tea for myself and my children for nearly a decade. At the start of Winter and all through allergy season, just a teaspoon in the morning for 3 days straight, once a month, is all it takes to boost natural immunities against hay fever, colds and flu."

Marie T.

"We've been using breathe again now for just a little over two years. I've got my family on it my extended family on it and we love it. I make sure to buy at least four bottles at a time. "


"Breathe Again Tea!! Been using it for 5+ years, best preventive remedy ever :-)"